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“It went from butterflies fluttering in my stomach to bees stinging in my heart.”


“It went from butterflies fluttering in my stomach to bees stinging in my heart.”

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"There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it."

Remember When (Judith McNaught)

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Who is this child and how do I find her??

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"If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph."

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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today I learned that if you want to slash someone’s tires, don’t slash all four; only slash three because if you slash all four their insurance will pay for it but if you only slash three they have to pay for it all out of pocket 


today on satan makes a blog post

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If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.
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"Be with someone who would drive five hours, just to see you for one."

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I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

This gives me chills every time.

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"Take off the signatures, the false
bodies, this love
which does not fit you

This is not a house, there are no doors,
get out while it is
open, while you still can"

Margaret Atwood, “Hesitations outside the door,” from Power Politics (via lifeinpoetry)

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How has nobody settled for me yet I’m a solid 3

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